Department of Geography


Department of Geography is the best place to start a career in the field of Geography .The department is offering admission in BS Geography which is four years program of learning .We are committed to provide world’s latest knowledge and professional skills, For this purpose, we believe in focused curriculum that is designed by well qualified faculty.


"To provide quality education with advanced techniques and research in the field of geography for the wellbeing of humanity."


"Our mission is to enhance the understanding of the subject with interdisciplinary approach."

Incharge Message

Core Values

  • Striving for excellence in the field of Geography.
  • To inculcate research based learning and professional skills according to the needs of rapidly changing world.


  • To enhance student engagement through activities like projects, seminars and practical activities.
  • To enable the students to become life-long learners and informed users of technologies about geographical information system.
  • To produce skilled professionals, having market oriented approach to solve the geographical problems.
  • To produce graduates who will be able to successful careers to contribute the society positively.

Programs Offered

Teaching Faculty


Dr. Sumaira Ijaz