Faculty of Life Sciences


Welcome to faculty of Life Sciences. It is the largest faculty in the University of Okara, with two institutes, viz. School of Applied Biology and Institute of Pure and Applied Zoology & five departments, Department of Botany, Department of Environmental Sciences, Department of Psychology, Department of Home Economics & Department of Geography. Pakistan, being a basically agricultural country and sharing the biota of three bio-geographical regions and having almost all eco-zones of world has important renewable biological resources, having economic, ethical and international importance. Producing human resource and coordinated research in biological sciences can uplift economy of rural masses and the international stature of the country through balanced exploitation of renewable biological resources, including agriculture, livestock, human health and wild biota. In the absence of an institution offering higher education in bio-resource related field between Lahore, Multan and Faisalabad, Okara can be ideal center of learning in such disciplines for the students coming from the areas. The faculty aims at producing manpower and productive research keeping to the international knowledge base and trends, with a touch of local resources and problems; which will directly help in uplifting the rural economy of this biologically fertile tract. We at the faculty desire to produce biological scientists infused with dedication and honesty to work for the area and the country.