Department of Biology


The Department of Biology is providing an excellent academic preparation and research facilities to the undergraduate and master students under expert faculty for the benefits of Biology and community. We are offering a multidiscipline courses and seminaries in various fields of Biology. The main principles of Biology are to understand the organismic life mainly focused on diversity, physiology, evolution, microbes and plants. Provided that the scientific basis for our knowledge both creatures with whom we share this planet and of ourselves. This Department will strive to create an environment that enables teaching and research to attain high levels of excellence and in which its members can achieve their full potential.


"The vision of Department is to offer undergraduate and master programs under Institute of Pure and Applied Zoology (IPAZ) for the development of Research and Academic leadership."


"Our mission is to create high quality instruction and experimental based learning in broad areas of biological sciences by providing learned and experienced scientists and teachers, which will be helpful for next generation learning."

Incharge Message

Core Values

  • Our core value is to strive for excellence in scientific research and academics.
  • Excellence requires integrity, innovation, & continuous improvement.


  • Enable students to be acquainted with the modern trends in plants and allied sciences.
  • Prepare students in developing theoretical as well as practical skills.
  • Encourage students to become effective and independent learners.
  • Develop research aptitude among students.
  • Develop professional approach in the proposed subjects.

Teaching Faculty


Dr. Muhammad Wajid