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Welcome to department of Anthropology. Anthropology is a diverse field of knowledge that comprised Biological dimension, Cyber Culture, Archeological trajectories, Social & Cultural History, Linguistic Evolution, etc. It also enriches its students with the knowledge of natural sciences at social dimension such as Primatology, Anthropometry (Population Genetics), Forensics, Archeological Empiricism, Paleoanthropology, etc. Therefore, Anthropology promises its students to elevate them with the knowledge of Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities; and enters them in the corridor of knowledge with pride. Employment: Similar to the provision of diverse knowledge, it also has explicit broader scope of employment. Few of the sectors / departments / organizations are given below which are waiting to hire the students of Anthropology: 1. Ministry of Culture 2. Youth Affairs, Sports, Archeology and Tourism Department 3. Pakistan Council of Research and Water Resources 4. Social Welfare Department 5. Child Protection Bureau 6. Women Division 7. Higher Education Department (e.g. Lecturer in University) 8. International and National Non-Governmental Organizations (iNGOs) and many more.



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The social phenomena are highly difficult to comprehend than physical objects, for the social facts are not “Things”, “Static”, and “Constant”. The issue become more difficult to handle when it comprises history because although, the socio-historical facts are static, but the means to comprehend them are limited. Therefore, Anthropology has developed its own scientific methods to deal with its dimensions, scientifically. I assure you that the Department of Anthropology is capable enough to trim a vague stone of information, to shape it in a statue of knowledge. The Department is not seeking brilliant students, but the students with thirst of brilliance and knowledge. I assure you that “The Well of Department of Anthropology” is waiting to satisfy such thirst. Dr. Shahzad Farid Head, Department of Anthropology

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Dr. Shahzad Farid