BS Education (5th Semester)

Program Structure

BS Education (5th semester) degree program is in accordance with BS Programs in many other disciplines of undergraduate studies in Pakistan. The graduates of this degree program are eligible to apply for many professions of education. The objectives of the program are: to give an opportunity to the BA/BSc/ADA/ADS students to pursue the BS Education degree program after abolishing MA/MSc degree programs by HEC, to make the students learn to teach in a various socio-cultural context and formal and informal educational settings, integrate theory, research and practice for more engaged and informed development, learn to motivate people for learning, create critical thinking and develop research skills, teach the students to use technology and innovative pedagogical skills for enhancing teaching and learning, understand philosophical, psychological and sociological foundations of the education and to understand philosophical, psychological and sociological foundations of the education, teaching and learning processes.


2 Years

Eligibility Criteria

BA/BSc/BCom/BCS/Associate Degree Program or Equivalent Education with at least 2nd Division

Scheme of Studies

Degree Completion Requirements

The program consists of 4 normal semesters with a bridging semester and each semester is comprised of 16-18 weeks. The course load in a semester ranges from 15-18 Credit Hours and number of courses per semester are 5-6. Each semester of the program consists of 5-6 courses that may include a combination of foundation courses and professional courses from the broader discipline of education and a project in the last semester.