BS Education (4-year)

Program Structure

BS Education (4-year) degree program is in accordance with BS Programs in many other disciplines of undergraduate studies in Pakistan and abroad. The graduates of this degree program are eligible to apply for the posts of Educators in School Education Department as per “Recruitment Policy 2017-18 for Educators” in addition to their eligibility for many other professions of education. The program consists of 8 semesters and each semester is comprised of 16-18 weeks. The course load in a semester ranges from 15-18 Credit Hours and number of courses per semester are 5-6.


4 Years (8 semesters)

Eligibility Criteria

FA/FSc/ ICS/ICom/A level or equivalent qualification with minimum 2nd Division.

Scheme of Studies

Course Code Category Course Title Cr.Hrs. Prerequisites
BSEDU101 Compulsory Functional English-I 3-0
BSEDU102 General Human Rights Education 4-0
BSEDU103 Foundation Child Development 3-0
BSEDU104 Compulsory Pakistan Studies 2-0
BSEDU105 Foundation General Methods of Teaching 3-0
Course Code Category Course Title Cr.Hrs. Prerequisites
BSEDU106 Compulsory English-II (Communication Skills) 3-0
BSEDU107 Compulsory Computer Application in Education 3-0
BSEDU108 General Introduction to Sociology 4-0
BSEDU109 Compulsory General Mathematics 3-0
BSEDU110 Pedagogy Teaching of Social Studies 2-0
BSEDU111 Pedagogy Teaching of Urdu 3-0
Course Code Category Course Title Cr.Hrs. Prerequisites
BSEDU112 Compulsory English-III (Technical Writing & presentation skills) 3-0
BSEDU113 General Health & Physical Education 4-0
BSEDU114 Pedagogy Teaching of General Science 3-0
BSEDU115 Pedagogy Teaching of Mathematics 3-0
BSEDU116 Foundation Instructional and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education 2-0
BSEDU117 General Introduction to Political Science 3-0
Course Code Category Course Title Cr.Hrs. Prerequisites
BSEDU118 Foundation Classroom Assessment 3-0
BSEDU119 Pedagogy Teaching of English 3-0
BSEDU120 Foundation Critical Thinking 4-0
BSEDU121 Foundation General Science 3-0
BSEDU122 Compulsory Islamic Studies/Ethics 2-0
BSEDU123 General Introduction to Mass Communication 3-0
Course Code Category Course Title Cr.Hrs. Prerequisites
BSEDU124 Foundation Foundations of Education 3-0
BSEDU125 Foundation Classroom Management 3-0
BSEDU126 General Introduction to Law 3-0
BSEDU127 Foundation Curriculum Development 3-0
BSEDU128 Compulsory Educational Psychology 3-0
BSEDU129 Foundation Comparative Education 3-0
Course Code Category Course Title Cr.Hrs. Prerequisites
BSEDU130 General Introduction to Economics 3-0
BSEDU131 Pedagogy Methods of Teaching Islamic Studies 3-0
BSEDU132 Foundation School, Community and Teacher 3-0
BSEDU133 General Environment Science 3-0
BSEDU134 Foundation Introduction to Guidance and Counseling 3-0
Course Code Category Course Title Cr.Hrs. Prerequisites
BSEDU135 Foundation School Management 3-0
BSEDU136 Foundation Research Methods in Education 3-0
BSEDU137 General Introduction to Commerce 3-0
BSEDU138 Specialization Course-1 Economics and Financing of Education 3-0
BSEDU139 Specialization Course-2 School Management and Leadership 3-0
BSEDU140 Specialization Course-3 Educational Law 3-0
BSEDU141 Specialization Course-1 Trends and Issues in Educational Guidance and Counseling 3-0
BSEDU142 Specialization Course-2 Principles and Techniques in Guidance 3-0
BSEDU143 Specialization Course-3 Educational & Career Counseling 3-0
BSEDU144 Specialization Course-1 Theories and Patterns of Curriculum 3-0
BSEDU145 Specialization Course-2 Curriculum Planning and Implementation 3-0
BSEDU146 Specialization Course-3 Evaluation of Curriculum and Curriculum Change 3-0
Course Code Category Course Title Cr.Hrs. Prerequisites
BSEDU147 Foundation Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education 3-0
BSEDU148 Foundation Test Development and Evaluation 3-0
BSEDU149 Foundation Research Project 3-0
BSEDU150 Pedagogy Teaching Practice (Long Term) 0-6

Degree Completion Requirements

Each semester of the program consists of 5-6 courses that may include a combination of compulsory, foundation courses and professional courses from the broader discipline of education and a project in the last semester. Each of the courses is of 3 credit hours and the students have to pass each course to qualify for the requirements of the degree completion.