Department of Psychology


Psychology has become an important discipline now a days due to its relevancy with business, management and economic decision-making process. Department of Psychology is offering BS Psychology (04 years). We aim to produce competent young graduates who will be able to understand the human mind and behavior and will use this knowledge for their well being.


"Our vision is to create better understanding of psychology and making awareness about its diverse functioning."


"Our mission is to deliver high quality research based education and enhancing the understanding of students about the factors which are responsible of individuals and community`s mental health and behavior."

Incharge Message

Core Values

  • We aim to have excellence in the field of psychology and research.


  • To inculcate the knowledge of human behavior in research oriented manner.
  • To focus on student’s engagement through seminars, projects and field work.
  • To provide awareness for resolving the problems of society in healthy way.
  • To meet the challenges of modern age by producing capable professionals and researchers.

Teaching Faculty


Zoya Yaqub