Faculty of Computing


The faculty of Computing was established in 2018. It inherited the tradition of the University of Education and blended it with diversified faculty and operational excellence. The faculty was initiated with the vision of excellence in the 21st century’s education and research in computing disciplines. Our mission is to become an intellectual forefront of computing discipline that could nurture its students and faculty to address real-life problems by applying sound computing knowledge and participating in cutting edge and innovative research in scientific, economic, and social paradigms. We, at the Faculty of Computing in the University of Okara, realize the need of nation’s technical readiness to get benefitted from industry 4.0-revolution. The Faculty of Computing is pivotally standing to build the scientific and technological capacity of the nation to achieve sustainable development. One of our core strengths is dynamic research environment featured with interdisciplinary research collaborations and industrial liaisons with an aim at addressing real world problems through responsible use of technology. Faculty of Computing at University of Okara comprises of four departments namely Department of Computer Science, Department of IT, Department of Software Engineering and Department of Data Science. Each department offers various innovative and state of the art degree programs. We are confident that judicious blending of highly skilled academicians, experimentation facilities, and our student-centered approaches to education shall help us to produce top quality computing professionals. Our beautiful geographical location offers great advantage to our students where they can get connected to top rated incubation centers for start-up companies, software industry for internships, and professional summer camps. I strongly believe our graduating students shall prove themselves as forefront leaders in computing industry and academia while contributing to the national knowledge economy, and responsible citizen of the society.