Department of Molecular Biology


Molecular Biology is one of the advanced fields in this age of science and technology. It deals with the life molecules of these planet organisms ranging from viruses, bacteria, yeast to worms and flies to humans. In this regard, the Department of Molecular Biology in UO allows its pioneers to expose their skills in research including life molecules, cells, tissues, their functioning regime, and effect on the environment. Our Department Faculty has expertise in emerging trends of Molecular Biology in human genomics, proteomics, Biology, and Hereditary diseases.


To induce the basic and modern knowledge of molecular biology and to impart modern teaching methods in the student’s learning process, so that they can lead the nation in this discipline.


The Department of Molecular Biology strives to explicate the integration of molecular structure, function, and behavior of a functioning living cell. Subjects matter ranges from the structural dynamics of macromolecules and subunits to the interactions of a cell with its environment. Our mission is to generate excellent human potential in the field of molecular biology by engaging in excellent teaching and research-based atmosphere. We expect the graduates from the Department of Molecular Biology will be leading academicians, health professionals, teachers, and public servants. The Department of Molecular Biology provides an exceptional educational and research environment for talented individuals.

Incharge Message

Welcome to the Department of Molecular Biology which occupies a vibrant and vital position at the University of Okara. This department is established to develop a center for modern research and investigation in the field of molecular genetics, computational and experimental molecular Biology, Human Molecular Genetics, and cell biology. Departmental faculty are actively engaged in cross-disciplinary and collaborative research with various centers at the national and international levels. Our objective is to train undergraduate and postgraduate students both in the lab and classroom. The goal of our research programs is to reinforce the expertise of our students in recent developments in molecular Biology. The University management has greatly concerned about research-related activity and provides financial assistance. I am confident that all faculty members of our department will work hard to achieve our set goals for a bright future of students and the prosperity of the country.

Core Values

  • Striving for excellence in science education & research.
  • Excellence requires integrity, innovation, & continuous improvement.


  • To train students in modern molecular biological techniques.
  • To focus on research that will provide solutions in daily life problems in agriculture, health, industry and environment.
  • To equip students with scientific and intellectual knowledge in area of molecular biology.
  • To produce qualified researchers and teachers in the domain of molecular biology.
  • To develop the draft curriculum in the discipline of molecular biology and to bring it par with international standards.