Department of Science Education


The Department of Science Education offers B.S.Ed. (Hons.) in Science Education program to enhance the level of teaching and research particularly in School Sciences. The UO graduates after completion of this program will be able to compete with graduates at other Universities because this program is designed so as to include the normal BS Education course and to cater the needs of scientist, science Education teachers/ subject specialists/ lecturers. In future BSEd Education of 8 semesters program, MPhil program in Science education will be offered soon to achieve highly need based, dynamic research targets on national and international levels. The Department of science education for science teachers aims to develop exemplary science teachers by providing environment for learning science and learning to teach science. The programs help in developing teachers who can apply a specialized body of content and pedagogical knowledge, skills and dispositions to: plan, implement and advocate transformative teaching and learning in the secondary years; engage in critical reflection and continuing professional learning through a variety of pathways including research-based projects and online resources.


BSED program has a vision to provide a broad foundation in Education that focuses on scientific reasoning and problem solving with teaching of Science perspective. Also this program is an effort to provide students with the science skills to succeed in schools, and organizations. Moreover the students are provided a breadth of experimental techniques using modern laboratory work.


The mission of this program is to achieve the highest possible standards of research and teaching in Science Education and the relevant disciplines. Moreover, the followings are targeted to achieve: To encourage intellectual development and vision in and through Science Education To impart a sound knowledge of Education to students and to help them to use this knowledge creatively and analytically in School science To develop in students an awareness of the applications of Education including its practical, social and economic aspects such as health, agriculture, industry and defense etc. To develop students’ practical, written and oral communication, information retrieval, computing and problem solving skills To encourage students to become effective independent learners To develop the student’s vision that is need based/market based and its continuous development shall be made considering the changing global and national requirements To develop in students the ability to work in groups for cooperative learning so as to acquire respect for human values To encourage students to broaden their knowledge, to develop their own capabilities and self-confidence, to respect learning and to participate in science education.

Incharge Message

Core Values

  • Develop the individual’s ability to do independent knowledge and research,
  • Preparing students for more advanced study in Science Education
  • Providing advanced training to professional teachers and Science Educators which is necessary for efficient performance.
  • Striving for excellence in Science education & research.
  • Excellence requires integrity, innovation, & continuous improvement.


  • The Government policy is to transform the emphasis from aimless rote learning to highly productive science education through active participation of the students in the classroom. The subject of Science Education is introduced from elementary level in General Science and as a subject at secondary and higher secondary levels.
  • Science is a core area of study that is valuable to all students regardless of their future intentions thus, Science is fun; teaching science should be fun.
  • The Science curriculum mainly based on ‘doable’ activities and the availability of appropriate resources.
  • Moreover, the science safety manual is in need of critical updating to reflect current practice and to clarify requirements.

Programs Offered


Dr. Nasrin Akhter