School of LAW


We are proud to introduce the School of Law, a vibrant institution of quality legal education at the heart of Okara District. University of Okara is a rapidly emerging center of higher education, situated at the bank of Lower Baari Doo Aab Canal & adjacent to the National Highway. “Legal profession is one of the most prestigious professions and celebrated all over the world.” University of Okara has established an excellent School of Law with the view to empower its students with the vision, knowledge, and critical learning skills in order to meet the growing challenges of a rapidly changing world.


"The school of law is set to produce committed, devoted, and highly skilled lawyers, judges, civil servants, administrates, arbitrators & consultants."


"The fundamental mission of Okara University School of law is to provide its students with necessary knowledge, skills and ethical values required to initiate a career in the Law field."

Incharge Message

Welcome to the University of Okara School of Law. We appreciate your interest in our law school and look forward to assisting you as you have chosen the best place to explore your capabilities. We are proud of having highly qualified, diverse, and hardworking faculty members as compared to other regional law schools. Majority of our faculty members have obtained their higher degrees from the world’s famous universities, located in countries including United Kingdom, China, and Pakistan. Currently, we are offering only LL.B (5 Years) program. Further, arrangements are being made for launching LL.M and Ph.D. programmes at our Law School. We are confident that in near future, our law school will emerge as one of the best law schools in Asian region. I hope that you will take advantage of this amazing opportunity of learning law at beautiful place. All of us at law school are looking forward to welcoming you in person to our campus.

Core Values

  • School of Law fully adheres to the institutional values upheld by University of Okara.
  • School of Law is striving for excellence in legal education and research.


  • The School of Law has the goal to develop a new critical realism.
  • Our Objective is to develop disseminate knowledge through scholarly research covering the range of thought from pure legal topics to far reaching interdisciplinary inquiry.
  • To equip its legal soldiers (law graduates) with jurisprudential and legal thinking to fight against injustice and suppression in the society.
  • To promote and provide awareness about the ethics and values of royal legal profession.


Mr.Abdul Rasheed