Department of Computer Science


In view of University of Okara vision, mission and existing infrastructure, the Department of Computer Science is an ideal place to start a career in the field of computational and innovative technologies. The department offers BS Computer Science, BS Information Technology, BS Software Engineering and MS Computer Science programs and has developed strong curriculum, which is delivered by qualified faculty. We aim to produce well-rounded and competent young scientists who are committed to make positive contributions to the country and the society in the field of computer science with learning, courage and integrity and general. We intend to equip our young students for the upcoming challenges of the digital world. Our goals are to build a collegial environment for learning/research and to add value to our students. We focus our efforts on curriculum development to design more exciting programs to meet the needs of global advancement across the full spectrum of computing world.


Faculty of Computing vision is to become a recognized leader in academia offering high quality undergraduate and graduate programs in computing and IT disciplines at affordable tuition fee.


Faculty of Computing mission is to offer a high-quality education in the field of computing and IT, as well as to prepare students for career opportunities in this discipline requiring a high level of technical knowledge and skills. The offering programs ties with other universities and industry.

Incharge Message

It is a matter of pride and pleasure for me to introduce the Department of Computer Science, University of Okara. Sitting squarely in the Faculty of Computing, the department is focused on devising innovative correct solutions to real life problems, while ensuring a level of excellence in the research and academia, providing world class learning environment in the field of Computing & IT.

Dr. Muhammad Khurshid Asghar

Incharge Of Department

Core Values

  • Striving for excellence in computing education & research.
  • Excellence requires integrity, innovation, & continuous improvement.


  • To enhance student engagement through activities such as internships, independent studies/projects, capstone projects.
  • To explore how the curricula might be adapted to include a capstone experience.
  • To provide more opportunities for faculty, students and alumni to interact and network together in informal settings.
  • To develop faculty expertise in emerging areas of the computing and IT.
  • To support and encourage faculty and student participation at conferences, workshops and colloquiums to facilitate scholarly productivity and professional development.
  • To explore how to evolve the software development track.
  • To pursue academic collaboration with other universities in the world


Dr. Muhammad Khurshid Asghar