Department of Home Economics


Department of Home Economics is a unique department in this institution . we are committed to provide quality education by hardworking and skilled faculty. we are offering BS Home Economics (04 years) which will enable our graduates to have specialized knowledge in the fields of interior designing ,textile designing, small business management and they will be able to opt them as their career.


To produce shinning graduates who will be able to deal with individual, family and societal issues by using Home Economics knowledge


Our mission is to educate our graduates about the households and to promote awareness about mental, physical and emotional family well being by emphasizing the social ,economic and environmental impact of managing everyday life

Incharge Message

Core Values

  • Striving for excellence in the field of Home Economics.
  • Emphasizing on molding the society in healthy manner


  • To enhance students engagement through activities such as exhibitions , seminars , projects and practical work.
  • To provide knowledge professional expertise and ethical values to prepare responsible professionals as well as good citizens

Programs Offered

Teaching Faculty


Dr. Sumaira Ijaz