Department of Economics


Keeping in view of the current domestic economic situations and prevailing world economic conditions Department of Economics at University of Okara is established under the vision of the Honorable Vice Chancellor to teach our students not only the course work but educating the young minds to better understand the economic framework and its working. Problem solving ability of the students can be better utilized with comprehensive knowledge of Economic theories and their practical implementation. The Department is currently offering semester system-based programs of BS Economics & M.Sc Economics along with course work and research work.


To provide excellent learning environment to the students to polish their problem solving skills for general practice of economic theories.


Department of Economics at University of Okara is committed to achieve “Meet the World” target by providing excellent learning combined with research work and better understanding of the domestic as well as international economic conditions.

Incharge Message

I welcome all the students in Department of Economics for excellent learning under the supervision of competent Teachers, as our aim is to excel our best

Core Values


  • Making sure that the students can better analyze the past, understand the present and plan for the future to make better financial decisions and efficient utilization of resources to meet the scarcity problem.
  • Based on cost benefit analysis individuals can make wise decisions regarding alternative uses of the limited resources.
  • Better understanding of the interdependence of world economies.
  • Practical implementation of the theories studied in order to achieve desired results.
  • Being in a democratic society economics aims to provide better understanding of the budgetary decisions including utilization of country’s resources and sources of country’s revenue and policymaker’s decisions.
  • Emphasizing excellent teaching and research work to highlight local and international issues and suggesting a way out.
  • The major concepts of Demand and Supply, Utility, Factors of Production, Market Structures, GDP, Inflation, Unemployment, Growth and Development, International Trade, Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy and Foreign Exchange Reserves can lead towards better perception of the economy and necessary actions that can be recommended for the development of the economy.